19. My Personal Goals

When I think of Goal-Setting, I think it’s important to set just 2 or 3. They should also be specific and measurable. My personal goals for this year are:

  1. Post on the Financially Me blog at least twice per month
  2. Launch a BUSINESS by July 1!
  3. Learn to speak French by taking a lesson once per week. (I bought Rosetta Stone 3 years ago…now is the time!)

To be honest, I’m kind of worried about that last one.

18. New Year! New Me! (and all the other cliches)

This year is especially exciting for my Family. We are debt free. We’ve saved quite a bit of my severance. We’re doing well in our careers. We’re healthy.

When we think of 2020, what is it this family wants to accomplish? What is it that I want to accomplish? It’s time to set some goals. The family needs to sit down, have a discussion and map it out. Goals to come…

17. Back in the Rat Race! Plus…

Just like that, I’m working again. It’s been about a week on the job and my excitement level is on 10! The last few months have been interesting in that I’ve had the opportunity to visit family across the country a few times and spend lots of quality time with my family here at home. But, after almost 4 months, I am happy to be working again.

As a recap, when I was laid off, My monthly expenses/savings amounted to $8,672. Also we had $17,283 in debt remaining.

During the period when I was not working, I didn’t place a focus on paying down debt, even with my severance. With gainful employment, and severance continuing into 2020, we have the AMAZING opportunity to lump sum PAY OFF THE REST OF THIS DANG DEBT! So that’s what we’re doing

………………………………………….(this is me clicking “pay current balance”)…………………………………..

Boom! FREEDOM! I feel great! Here’s our picture now!

Debt Free


Now with the credit card payments gone, we’ve also reduced our monthly expenses

Expenses 9.29


Ok…so now we need to figure out what’s next? Maybe buy a house? That would be nice

16. I Was Laid Off…

Really. I was. I have been struggling not to take it personally, mainly because I put a lot into the company I worked for. I was told regularly how much of an impact I made and the Team I built was solid and engaged. When I take a step back, I do understand the business decision.

I wasn’t the only one to be laid off either but thankfully I was on contract. Although I won’t be working, I will still be financially stable for a time thanks to my severance agreement.

I plan on taking a little time to breathe then some more time to figure out what I really want to do next. Will I start my own business? Will I turn a hobby into a career? Will I jump back in to the workforce? I’m not sure but I’m excited to figure it out.

On to the next chapter…

15. I’m Back!

Written April 15 but not posted:

I’m back from maternity leave and back at work! There’s been so much going on that this blog was set on the back burner, but now I need to catch everyone up.

In addition to a new baby, we also MOVED! The goal was to downsize to save in rent and utilities and we accomplished that. I think it’s fair to present out new listing of bills as they stand now. We surely have more money each month ($1,210) to pay down our remaining debt.

Monthly Expenses April 2019

Here’s a glimpse at our debt today:

Debt April 2019

Over 5 months, we have made GREAT progress. As I mentioned…this was written in April, and since then we’ve had a new life event. I’ll post the details this week (week of May 12). Until then, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s out there!