5. “The Plan” Update

Here are some updates from “The Plan” mentioned in my “I’m Tired of Debt” post.

From Step 2: I checked my bank account and see that we received the withdrawal from our investment savings account in the amount of $6,909. I used that money and paid off the largest student loan balance we had which ended up being $6.913. We used a few dollars from our 2-week House Fund to cover the difference.

From Step 4: We received the check from my 401k loan in the amount of $4,795.21. There was a small processing fee deducted from the balance I withdrew. Once the check clears, I’ll make a payment to the next largest Student Loan to bring down that balance. Looking forward to it!

I think once I get my next paycheck, I’ll update all of the outstanding debt balances to get a glimpse of where we are now. Already feeling a some satisfaction!

the plan

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