9. Payday!

It’s that time again! Time for bills and goal progress! From prior posts, my current focus is GETTING OUT OF DEBT! The stress of it needs to go.

According to my “Bills Budget,” this period’s paycheck covers the expenses below:


I’m not certain what happened with our Electric bill this month but as soon as I received the bill I called our Electric company to set up a free Home Energy Analysis. I also prepped my landlord in case there are repairs they will need to make. I have never seen a utility bill so high!!

Also, based on the steps completed from The Plan, I have an extra $648 to apply to debt BUT since the electricity is so high that drops to $393, still something. After paying these bills, what is left from our pay is $2,600. We are taking $900 for groceries, Christmas dinner, gasoline and other things we may need for the family over the next two weeks. The remaining $1,700 is going toward paying down the last open Student loan account.

Here is what our debt looks like today, down another $1,400 since 12/07:


Still feeling good about our progress. I estimate we can be out of debt in the second quarter of 2019 if we keep it up. Thanks for reading and the support. Also, I created an Instagram account. Find Financially Me on Instagram @financially_me. Will keep you posted of any changes!

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