11. Catch Up Post!

Yikes yikes yikes! My first post of the New Year is so behind schedule AND I missed the January 4 Payday post. Let’s get caught up!

Since the New Year, my husband and I have reviewed our 2019 Financial Plan. The focus this year still is paying off the remaining debt balances. Assuming we REMAIN DILLIGENT, our debt will be paid off on September 13, 2019. That is a very short time from now and we (me mostly) cannot be more excited. I say I am most excited mainly because I have a much lower tolerance for debt than my husband. Much lower. After today’s paycheck, our debts look like this:


Progress is beautiful! Some contributors to additional debt payments have been my husband’s bonuses. He received a quarterly bonus for Q4 2018 as well as a holiday bonus. We applied the entire holiday bonus to debt and 30% of the Q4 bonus to debt. The remainder of the Q4 bonus went to our entertainment and travel fund. As I mentioned before in The Plan, it is important that we are still able to enjoy our time now together and keeping that balance is key.

Now to pay bills! According to my “Bills Budget,” this period’s paycheck covers the expenses below:


After paying these bills, what is left from our pay is $2,739. We are taking $1,000 for groceries, gasoline, needs for the kids and other things we may need for the family over the next two weeks. The remaining $1,739 is going toward paying off the last open Student loan account and pay down Credit Card 2.

Here is what our debt looks like today, down another $4,020 since 12/21, and down $23,923 since we started on November 23:


I’m liking that steady decline in the Total Debt number! As, always, thanks for reading and the support. Also, follow me on Instagram @financially_me. Take care and share!

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